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Rosettes, rosettes, rosettes
Rosettes - Eliminate difficult mitre cuts!!
Beaded single or double edge, straight edge,
mission style, Victorian teardrop
Plinth Blocks,Inside and Outside Corner Blocks
Plinth blocks, inside and outside corner blocks

Create a Unique Look with Wood Rosettes

Create the look and timeless feel of historic homes by using WOOD ROSETTES, PLINTH BLOCKS, and CORNER BLOCKS. The concept of using wood rosettes at the corners and bases of door and window casings has been around for more than a century.

Wood rosettes can reflect a number of styles. Select Bullseye rosettes, Mission style rosettes, Victorian teardrop rosettes, call about a custom wood rosette style. The edge can be a beaded single or double edge, or a clean straight edge.

Plinth blocks styles include a contemporary look, a traditional style or the Victorian teardrop style.

Inside corner blocks and Outside corner blocks can be purchased in a contemporary or traditional style.


Wood rosette, corner, and plinth blocks are practical. They eliminate the need to miter corners and simplify trimming out a door, window, or baseboard. And the cost won't overburden your budget! Woodwork or trim is a part of every room, you have options in the trim you choose. Adding these small touches will make your visitors say "Wow! Awesome woodwork!"

Which wood??

Browse through our selection of solid wood rosettes and complimenting plinth and corner blocks. Stain our red oak, soft maple, or alder products to match your other woodwork. All the wood pieces are sanded and ready for you to paint or stain. We can also offer you walnut, ash, white oak, cherry, pine, and poplar woods. Call us to special order.

We have additional sizes of wood rosettes and plinth and corner blocks available. Call us for more specifics on sizes and prices. If you're not sure what size or combination you need, or have any questions, please give us a call locally at 620-218-2084 or toll free at 800-232-3547. We'll be glad to talk with you!

You can also email us at:

Rosettes - Oak, Maple, Alder, Cherry, and Poplar
Our traditional plinth blocks and crown molding were featured on an oak bookcase, shown on the front cover of the Oct/Nov 2009 issue of Woodsmith!
Woodsmith Cover

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